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Oh man, its tough writing about yourself!! I’ve always been a DIY kinda girl. My parents did everything themselves and never hired anything out – so they definitely instilled in me the “i can do it myself” gene! I learned a lot of stuff on my own by just trying, and failing! Never be afraid to mess up otherwise you wont learn a thing! Luckily for me, my Dad is always a phone call/short drive away and gives me tons of great tips, I’ve learned so much from him over the years, hes one smart dude. And my Mom is the one i call when i need some advice – she comes over and gives me her opinion on tons of my projects – now i may not always take her advice, but its good to see another persons perspective.

Ive always loved a good before & after when it comes to furniture, the power of paint is amazing!! A couple of years ago, i had a little bug and started refinishing furniture and then posting it for sale. Things sold quick! So i started collecting furniture while my husband was deployed in Iraq for the army. By the time he came home, i had a garage full of furniture – and i mean full!! We couldnt park in there for at least a year!! I slowly started painting when i got off work and on the weekends. I got lots of repeat clients and the orders were coming in!! It was awesome.

At the same time my little hobby was going strong, i was working a full time job as a court clerk. While i liked my job and the benefits of working for the government, i became more and more anxious everyday. I knew that if i could work on my furniture full time, i could do great and make a living from it. I struggled with this for about a year. It was a hard decision giving up a good stable job to “live my dream”, how many people really get to do that?! Its just something you talk about and never really do.

Finally, i just had to quit. It was the hardest thing ever, but as soon as it was done i felt the biggest relief, I knew we would be fine. And fine we are!! I started out in my garage, we built a paint booth and shop area and had a storage unit full of furniture to work on. Eventually i moved out of my garage and into my own “working” shop and i seriously couldn’t be happier. Next up – my own retail store, one day!!

Anyways, all of this couldn’t happen without the support of my husband Santi and my 2 kids, Kdin (13) and Zailee (7). Santi puts up with all my crazy ideas for the house and my never ending projects! My brain is always “on” thinking of all the stuff that can be done to change up our house. Hey, i put up with all his craziness too – its a good balance :) Plus, he likes a good project himself, especially one that is done on the cheap!

So that’s the jist of whats up with me! Its not always easy, but its my life and i wouldn’t change it for anything.