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New Cream Waxes in Dark and Black!

I am so excited to add these 2 new Cream Waxes to our line up of finishing products!  Our Cream Wax in Clear is my personal fav of our finishing products over our milk paint – it seriously feels so silky smooth – like butter i tell ya!  So you gotta know i was so happy when we were able to have these made in Dark (brown) and Black (and we are testing a white!).  I love these because they are less pigmented than our traditional Beeswax and they leave behind just the perfect amount of pigment for an aged look.  I have to admit that i’m not a huge fan of dark waxes over whites – but i have loved using both the dark and black over our white milk paints – its a much more subtle look than our beeswax.

I will be working on a couple pieces this week and i will use both the black and brown and take pics along the way for another tutorial!  In the meantime here are some examples of pieces i have used it on so far…

And here’s a couple pics in Black…

Both are so pretty!  Just depends on the look your going for.  I cant wait to give them a try over some of our colors :)

Be back soon with a tutorial on these!  In the meantime you can check out the tutorial for our clear Cream Wax here – its basically the exact same steps :)

Our new Cream waxes can be found here!


One Response to New Cream Waxes in Dark and Black!

  1. Melanie April 28, 2017 at 10:17 am #

    Do you need to use the clear wax first and then the dark or black wax?

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