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>{Air date for my 5 minutes of fame on the Nate Berkus Show!}


Im a little hesitant to tell ya – because the camera doesn’t add 10 lbs, oh no…more like 50 lbs.  Seriously, the camera is so one dimensional and just makes ya look like a big ol’ blob.  Nate himself on TV looks a normal, average size, but in real life he was probably pushing 120 lbs – teeny little thing Smile

Anyways, my 5 minutes of fame will air this friday Sept 23 on NBC – you can go to the Nateshow.com to get the time for your city

**oh, and if you have emailed me recently (say in the last few couple of months!!) – I am so behind on emails, I am working on it and will get to it soon!**


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