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>{entryway dresser – take 3}


You may remember my post here and here about my previous entry way dressers – well, this is my 3rd attempt – may be the last one….at least for now anyways :)


christmas 2010 001

I got this one for free (free, is the best for me!) – and its almost exactly what i was looking for – i kind of wanted something with an open bottom – but this works, plus its less floor that i have to clean :)


christmas 2010 141

I love the lines of this dresser/buffet – whatever it used to be.  Its very simple and provides lots of storage.  I repainted dresser in Valspar’s “ultra white” – then i replaced the top because it was damaged.  I was planning on doing pine board planks, but then i found these panels @ Lowes – they sell all different sizes and come stain ready – and super cheap – i think mine was about $16.  It also has a old handle/lock thingy that i still need to put back on – i only like to finish things about 90% – that’s a bad habit that i really need to break!

Don’t mind the mess, i am not a “clean as you go” kind of worker :)

christmas 2010 003

After it was painted and dry, i distressed the entire thing with my 60 grit sandblock – i heavily distressed this one.  I also used Zinsser Stain Block primer – i really liked it, except that its oil based so clean up wasn’t so fun (i use a paint sprayer to paint all my furniture, and cleaning that out kinda sucked).  The primer didn’t let any of that old dark stain bleed through – i was very impressed :)

Does anyone recommend a good stain block primer that is water based?  I have used both Zinsser and Bullseye – and both i have had trouble with stain bleeding through.

christmas 2010 146

Some more pics…

christmas 2010 145

christmas 2010 148

For Christmas i took this old galvanized box and put in some old books tied with some burlap garland – i LOVE galvanized tin – love, love, love…

christmas 2010 150

I also found these twigs with lights on them @ TJ Maxx for $12 a set – i have two sets in this old milk tin.  I think these will be cute all year – not just Christmas.  You cant see very well, but the lights have little flowers on them – very cute.

christmas 2010 151

And did i mention i love the storage that’s inside this thing – this is where we keep some of the kids craft stuff – some card games – candle stuff – and whatever else i cant find a home for.  And isn’t my little model a cutie?!

christmas 2010 154

Anyways, this is the dresser that is staying for a while – at least until i find something that i like better that is :) 


christmas 2010 144

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One Response to >{entryway dresser – take 3}

  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper December 28, 2010 at 1:33 am #

    >this is my fave, sausha! i like the simple and rustic look of this one, and i like the cabinet style storage- seems more practical for the space.

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