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>{Yup, i painted a stick…}



So, i am sure everyone has seen the cute sticks with cute little eggs and cute little stuff hanging from them – very fun – very eastery.  But, easter is uhhhh…4 days away, and i don’t want to drag out the eggs for just 4 days (nope, i havent decorated for easter yet, i know, not good, but i will (maybe)).

Anyways, i found a dead tree on the side of the road, parked the car, got out and ripped off some branches.  My son was totally cool with this until i told him “look how many people are looking at us” then he ran into the car and hid.  I don’t think jumping on a dead tree on the side of the road to get the stupid branch to break is embarrassing, do you?!

So, this is the stick…the doggy likes it

stick 003

I cut off some of the branches and spray painted it white.  I didn’t want eggs, so decided on paper flowers – i like the book page look so i cut a bunch of 4-5 inch circles.  I just free handed these – not perfect – lazy style.

stick 025

I folded the circle in half and then half again, careful not to make the pages have a crease – i wanted the flowers to be fluffy like

stick 030

Then i stuck a bunch together – anywhere from 3-5 for each flower

stick 035

I stapled the bottom of the flowers to make them all stick together, make sure  not to staple to high up otherwise the flower wont be fluffy

stick 033

Then i just randomly hot glued the flowers on the branch

stick 043

I didn’t like it for the place that i wanted it for, but i didn’t want to just chuck it, so i put it on a table in the stairway (do you see the dust on those pics, seriously – i could of at least dusted those – its all the spray paint dust that comes up from the basement!)

stick 047

Anyways, this is not my favorite project, yeah its kinda cute, not exactly what i had in mind but OH WELL – onto the next project :)

stick 054

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