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>Weekend wrap up –


So, i didn’t get much done this week, at least not things that i had planned on doing.  I had bought some fabric for the kids playroom for some pillows, but i am just not “in love” with it so i am going to search a little more this week.  So, hopefully by this weekend the kids playroom will be DONE!  I started a desk for a friends little boy, so that should be done in a couple of days, i will post that too when its done, its turning out pretty cute if i say so myself!

I did hang this wooden carved “thing” in my entry way.  I love the piece itself, i just don’t know if its right for this space, it may be a little too small?  I think it may have been from the casing of an old door, and it was for sure outside because the paint is peeling off just perfect, i LOVE that stuff!  I am going to live with it for a little while and see…


entryway.blog 015

and after…

entryway.blog 016

I am kind of thinking of hanging this old window up there instead, its a little bigger.  I could put some vinyl on it and maybe change out the vinyl for the seasons, i don’t know yet?

entryway.blog 022

Maybe I could make some sort of frame around the wood piece to bulk it up a little, just a thought.  I love the carved wood and i for sure want to use it in my house, this seems like a good spot but i think it needs something…hhhhhmmmmm…….


One Response to >Weekend wrap up –

  1. Reaching Our allen-ness January 22, 2012 at 5:40 am #

    >Sausha, I love what you did with your entry way! I think the wood carving thing looks great :) I'm in the middle of painting our house and could not help but notice the paint color on your wall do you know the name of the color you used. I see that others asked too but I didn't see a response yet. Hoping you could help us out! Thank you so much! I'll be sure to show your work to friends and family beautiful job :)

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