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{Laundry Room Updates}–and my most asked questions about the laundry room


> A couple of months ago when I re painted my 1/2 bath, I re painted the laundry room as well.  I always hated that mocha color in there – it never felt like the rest of my house. Finally, with the addition of a couple wicker baskets, an old window and the new color, it has the same feeling as the rest of the house. Before… After…repainted in Silvermist by SW – mixed with white to lighten the color – about a 1:1 ratio I looked everywhere for wicker baskets for under the W/D, but couldn’t find them anywhere.  I finally found some that would fit, but they would not hold up to the pulling in and out everyday.  So, I went with these 2 from Hobby Lobby for $20 each (50% off that week) – perfect for holding random things and socks.  And I like how they add […]

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Post by Sausha

{some laundry room love}

{some laundry room love}

> Recently Emily from Finding My Aloha sent me an email about her finished laundry room.  She was already planning on building a riser for her front loaders but found inspiration in my laundry room with storing the laundry baskets underneath. She built the riser with wood that she already had, added bead board, got some cute cabinets for $5, painted everything and WA LA – laundry room love :) I love her space, its bright and sunny and even though doing laundry sucks, having a cute/functional laundry room does make it a teensy tiny bit better.   And now she can at least she can shove all that undone laundry in those baskets and tuck them away – no one will ever see – and i am not speaking from experience because i would never do that!! – wink/wink ;) Anyways – go and check out more pics of  her […]

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{updated 1/2 bath} – again

I say “again” because I cant even count how many times this bathroom has been painted – but I LOVE it now and I will not repaint it again….at least for 3 years – that’s what I say now anyways :) When I painted this bathroom a couple of years ago – I hated the color since I put it up.  I finally decided to change it up because I was repainting the laundry room as well and I wanted both of them the same color (they are close to each other). Before… And now…as you can see I haven’t changed up the décor at all!!  Need to work on that next…so many things to do… To read about framing up your standard builder mirrors, go here I also took this old door out of the laundry room and hung it up above the toilet.  I love how it fills […]

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{I’m back….}

> Ok, i have had a nice little blog break and i am ready to get going again! My husband came home on Friday and i feel like i can now get back to what i love to do. I wore myself out – i was going a million miles an hour, i was wore out physically and mentally – but i have had some time to rejuvenate and with my hubs being home that has lifted a big weight off my shoulders :) I didn’t even go to a thrift store for about a month….what was wrong with me?!?! Think of the things that i missed out on…..sad, sad, sad….!!! I don’t mind him being gone a few weeks here and there – actually i kind of like it (don’t tell him that!) – i can get a ton done, i don’t have to fix dinner (well, real dinner […]

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{Reader Highlight}

Recently Updated

> A few weeks ago Annie sent me in some pics of her new laundry room built-ins.  She was so inspired by my super fab laundry room that she just had to build one of her own right away – she didn’t actually tell me that, i just made it up, and i can because this is my blog ;) – no really, she liked it, why else would she build one?!? And i also love that its in a closet – it doesn’t look like she has any storage on the sides so this is perfect for her space.  This totally goes to show that it doesn’t matter what size of laundry room that you have – you can adapt this to fit anywhere. How awesome is that!  It looks so good – she did a great job :) If anyone else out there was inspired by my laundry […]

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{Why i have been MIA…}


> I know, i have been a bad, bad blogger.  Its been over a week with no post, not that i am not busy, just haven’t even been thinking about turning on the computer – i have about a gazillion emails to reply too, so if you are waiting for a reply i will get to you soon :) So the reason for my bad blogerness (yup that’s now a word) is that my husband came home from Iraq on thursday, he has been gone since July 09’ – so we are just kind of  hanging out, working on the yard and doing some small projects here and there. See this is him!!!  He was the first one out of formation running to see the kids, and me of course :) I have made a few changes to the laundry room since this post, so i will be back tomorrow […]

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