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{O’ Christmas tree}

vanity and tree 2010 069

> This year Christmas has kinda been like Halloween – i had big plans to go all out on my decorating – i had so many ideas!!  But, i was just too busy.  I got my tree up, the kids trees in their rooms and a few little things here and there – but other than that i didn’t do much.  I will show you my tree today and then some other little things soon :) I wish you could see this in person – its very glitterly and sparkly – pictures just don’t do it justice…you will just have to take my word for it :) My tree is not huge – i like the skinny trees – it’s only 7 feet tall so i put it in a flower pot every year to make it look a little taller – i know how it is being short – […]

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Holy cow!!!

>Can you believe its almost Christmas!?! I know that i promised to show my room…oh about 2 weeks ago…but, i have been busy :) I have one more day of “real work” left and then i am OFF for a whoppin 11 days in a row – yippy skippy!!! I am hoping to get a ton of stuff done and be back to posting. 1st i should start Christmas shopping sometime soon – ummmm yaaaa…haven’t really started…thats my tradition though – i am a BIG TIME procastinator :) What about you guys? Are you done?? Please tell me that their are some of you that are putting it off as long as you can – it will make me feel better ;)

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{coat closet turned built in shelving}

zai dance 2010 041

> I did this project a few months ago – i will try to do the best i can to describe how i did it…i get lots of emails about this closet and i am sorry that it has taken me so long to post about it!!  The next thing that i get a billion (yes, that’s a slight exaggeration, but i do get a lot) of emails about is my room – I am making a promise that i will post about that in the next week – ahhhhh…the pressure!!! OK, so what i had goin on was a space filled with doors – seriously 5 doors!!!  (laundry, coat closet, broom closet, bathroom, and garage).  I never liked looking at all those doors, and new homes are seriously lacking character – so i decided to make a closet a little more functional and cute to boot :) BEFORE… AFTER… […]

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{carved dresser for sale} – SOLD!!!!

{carved dresser for sale} - SOLD!!!!

> Remember the this dresser that i talked about here? Well, she is up for sale – i really, really love this dresser but i’m ready for a change. If anyone in Utah is interested you can email me @ saushak@gmail.com – the dresser is listed for $300 ***Edited – SOLD!!!***

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{laundry room highlight with an awesome link for some awesome plans}

closet 007

>   I get a bajillion emails – yes, really a bajillion emails, no exaggeration at all, about my laundry room that i posted about here and here.  You guys want to know every detail – every teensy tiny detail – i don’t blame you because the idea is awesome, genius, brilliant, etc… if i don’t say so myself ;)  (yes, i am totally proud of my laundry room in case that is not obvious) But, at the time i built my little masterpiece i wasn’t blogging, i had no idea that my pics needed to be so detailed – also i did my best to describe the process but some people need plans – detailed plans.  Well, Christa from Stories of a House found inspiration in my laundry room and built herself her own riser – well her husband built it –but  same dif.  But, he is an architect […]

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{Facebook link…finally}

{Facebook link...finally}

> OK – i have finally put this little blog on Facebook – i don’t know why, i cant even keep up with posting here – let alone Facebook. But i have had several requests/emails about it – so even if i just link up what i post here then it’ll work for now :) Don’t even ask me to get involved with twitter ;) So i guess you just go in click “like” and then you will get my updates? As you can probably tell, i am not very Facebook savvy – yet!!

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{“oldish” dresser turned TV console}

showandsell 084

> 1st – where has time gone?  I cant believe its almost mid-november already!  I have been so busy with furniture orders/re-do’s that i have totally neglected this little blog of mine.  I have taken tons of pics but just havent had the time to get them posted – but i am working on trying to make a little time to get back to this blog – also time to check out all the blogs that i love (and miss!!)   :) And 2nd – i recently  transformed an older dresser into a cute little TV console for a big ol’ flat screen.  This was a made to order piece – so it went all black, no distressing, new handles, top drawers removed, and a piece of molding wrapped around the bottom to hide the oh so dated scroll carvings on the bottom. Before – And after – (pictures taken in […]

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{halloween decor – just a little…}

halloween 037

> I wanted to do a ton of decorating for Halloween this year, i LOVE Halloween -  i had plans, BIG plans i tell ya, but things got in the way.  I have sold a bunch of furniture lately and some custom orders in the works – so i am busy!  I’ll post some before and afters soon :) Until then, here is a my mantel that i threw together.  I had some old shutters – spray painted them black, sanded them down, and then screwed them together all crazy like. I think it needs something in the middle of the shutters – i tried a book wreath but i wasn’t feelin it… I stopped on the way home from work and broke some sticks off an old dead tree then i threw some spanish moss on them and some little dollar store birdies – i wish i would have […]

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{Dresser turned entry table turned bench – are you following?!}

furniture 046

> You may remember my dresser turned entry table that i posted about here, and then i got a new entry table that i posted about here.  Well, i have taken the old entry table and turned it into a bench. When i was building the old entry table (in its former life it was a dresser), before i had added the legs i thought that it would be a pretty cute bench, but i didn’t need a bench.  Well, i still don’t need a bench and that’s why I’m selling it, but i still wanted to post it to show you guys  – and maybe you have an old dresser lying around that could be modified?  Plus it makes a very unique bench with a little storage.  I actually love the idea of having a bench at the end of my bed – somewhere to throw the pillows, and […]

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{Entry way dresser – switcharoo}

dresser crib 010

> Long time no see…sorry about that :)  I have a ton of projects in the works, some fun – some not so fun.  Mostly just a lot of cleaning and “dejunking” my house getting ready for some new house projects – ya!!!! I did want to show you guys a little dresser that i worked on a couple of weeks ago.  I got it at goodwill for $40 a few months back and knew that she would be looking super cute all fixed up.  I didn’t plan on keeping the dresser – but when i brought it inside to take a picture to post for sale, my husband said that he liked the new one better.  I wasn’t too sure at first – but sometimes (and only sometimes) i let him have his way :) The new dresser does provide more storage so i like that part (also it […]

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