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{layering paint technique}

> I recently refinished a classic pine sofa table for my friend Katie.  She wanted it black, but when the table was distressed she wanted red to show through. Before… After… Since the table wasn’t red to begin with, and the wood was already stained i started off by painting the table red (sorry no pic).  Then, when that was dry, i painted the table black (New Black by Valspar).  I waited for it to dry and then got out some sanding blocks. I used a 220 grit sanding block and then rubbed through the black paint to show the red paint underneath.  In some spots it went down to the natural wood underneath – and that is fine, it just adds more depth :) Then i finished it off in a coat of poly so that you cant see the sanding marks – otherwise on the black paint the […]

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{giveaway winner announced}

> So sorry, i know that i was going to announce yesterday but i dont even know where this weekend went!!  Weekends really should be 5 days and week days should be 2 – we should totally make that a law or something?!  :) Anyways – the winner is Sally and after reading her comment that she left, i couldnt think of a more perfect person to get the basket. She wrote… Sally said… I NEED that basket! We’re away from home (but in your neighborhood) while my daughter is getting treatment at Primary Children’s. I would love to have something home-y in this white hospital room! Perfect person to win!!!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  I will have another giveaway sponsored by Rod Works in the next couple of weeks – thanks again Katie & Rod Works!!! & Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!!

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> Your not going to see many giveaways on this blog – i have my reasons.  BUT – i LOVE Rod Works and they are sponsoring this awesome giveaway!! Im sorry to all you out there that dont have a Rod Works where you live, you are def missing out!  Their stores are jam packed with super cute home decor items – and they set up the best little vignettes all around their stores – so fun to go into! But not to fear if you dont have one close to you!  Katie set up this cute little basket valued @ over $65 for me to give to you!  Thanks Katie! To Enter: 1. Leave me a comment here about how cute this basket is And for a second entry 2. Like Rod Works on Facebook AND leave them a comment about Show & Tell’s giveaway **You have until midnight […]

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{before & after} – and announcing a giveaway!!!

> I bought this hutch/dresser thing just last week and worked on it between projects – i couldnt wait to get it painted.  Its got some good bones :) Before… After… I painted in Honeymilk by Valspar in a high gloss finish, chipped the paint and then finished with a high gloss coat of poly.  I love how the distressing brings out the details on the cupboard door panels. This piece is up for sale – head over to {Sweet Pickins} for more information (local pick-up only – Utah) *******And my very first ever giveaway is tomorrow – so make sure you come back and enter!!  Its super cute so you dont want to miss out!********

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{ahhh…thats better} – the jute rug is back!!

> So, after i bought this rug that i loved but didnt work for my space, i returned it and then i went shopping (shopping is supposed to be fun, this wasnt)  Nothing worked.  No good rug to be found… I knew i already had the perfect rug for my space, but i needed to convince Santi to let me bring it back.  He hated the jute rug! The problem with the jute rug is that it has all these little holes in it.  Well, our house is super dusty.  I think partly because we dont have carpet, only hardwood so you can see all the dust.  We also have a doggy door that i think blows in dust and we dont have much grass in the backyard.  So, with all those things combined, dust piled up under the rug.  It was nasty, i admit it.  But, it was hidden […]

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{Before & After} – Chippy Side Table

> This little wood table was super cute with good bones, but needed a fun color – in my opinion ANYWAYS:) I painted it a blue color (sorry, it was an oops paint so i havent a clue what color it is!?) – then to tone down the blue a bit i glazed it with a dark walnut stain.  BUT, before i glazed it, i did my new favorite thing and went to town with my cabinet scraper that i talked about here.  I didnt use anything else to distress this table besides the scraper. This may be too much distressing for some – but i love it!!  the chippier the better :) Before… After…   Close up of the distressing… And some more beauty shots :) And this table is for sale – go over to {Sweet Pickins} for more info K – im off to paint :)

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{Distressing with Vaseline and Cabinet Scrapers}

> My very favorite distressing technique with furniture, is the look of chippy paint.  And although i love that look, i didnt exactly know how to go about it.  I have read tons of things online and tried lots of little tricks but nothing really turned out good. I have heard about the vaseline trick before, so i decided to give it a try (they say you can also use candles for this).  Just take a putty knife, or anything really (on some spots i just used my fingers) and put it on parts where i didnt want the paint to stick.  I just put a layer on – nothing perfect – just willy nilly like :) Then, paint as usual.  After the paint was dry, i just took a sanding block and rubbed off where the vaseline was.  I could see where it was at because the spots with […]

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{In lOVE with a RUG} – UPDATED

> I went to Ikea a few days ago – and when i was leaving, they had a little display by the out doors – it was a white slip covered couch and a bright colorful rug.  I knew right then and there that i MUST have that rug!  It looked so cute with the white slips – perfect match :) So – i thought about it and decided that i MUST have it – its just what my family room needed.  Normally i have a natural jute rug in there – but my husband hated it and i have to admit it was a little uncomfortable on the tosies.  So Santi tossed it in the garage a while ago – i was a little mad because i really like the natural beachy feel of it and it went perfect with my house… Oh well… Anyways – i went and […]

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{the NOT SO PRETTY part of painting}

> For the most part…usually…well…almost always…pretty much – my paint projects go off without a hitch – some of course are a little more involved than others, some take a little more time than planned, some are easier than planned – BUT – some turn into BIG FAT pains in my booty. Painting is not always fun – of course putting on the paint is fun, taking the “after” shot is fun, putting money in my pocket for my hard work is fun – but when mess ups happen – NOT FUN.  Not fun at all. Take these 2 projects for example.  This is what i am working on right now – i am on break now, so i thought i would share my misery :) This table i seriously got about a month ago – yes, i have had it for a month(its a refinish that i am doing […]

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{Before & After}

> Everyone likes befores and afters right?  Cuz – im gonna have a lot of them :) This was a solid pine dresser in awesome shape that needed no repair work – just some paint and stain – gotta love it when that happens (because that is rare!!) Before… After…painted in Honeymilk by Valspar, top stained in black.  I love black stained tops – i like when just enough of the wood grain peaks through. This one just got some light distressing with a 60 grit sand block around the edges and some new drawer pulls. i love the contrast between the cream and the black – in fact i love the cream.  Makes me want to just buy a 5 gallon bucket of cream and paint everything that color :)

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