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Acid Mirror Tutorial

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Acid Mirror Tutorial

Hey!  Im back today with a quick tutorial on acid mirrors.  This is a fun way to do a little something more with your furniture pieces and make it unlike anyone elses.  And to make the mirrors in Sweet Pickins style – i had to add the floral napkins! This idea is not new – its been around for a long time and was pretty popular 4-5 years ago.  I always wanted to try it, but just never got around to it until now.  If you google ‘acid mirror’, there will be a ton of tutorials that pop up, they are everywhere.  I remember reading through a few a few years ago when this was the thing to do and everyone seemed to do it a bit different. So i gathered up my supplies and got to experimenting…this is what worked for me.  I did not end up using the […]

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My new farm style table w/mismatched chairs!


So this was my table long ago…When we bought this house almost 9 years ago, we bought mostly all new furniture and everything was black.  Slowly i started figuring out my style and doing things to my space to change it up so it would better reflect how i wanted my space to look.  One of those things was giving this big black table a makeover. I liked spaces that were light and bright.  The black counter height table was heavy and dark and wasn’t the look i liked anymore.  So i changed it. I wanted more of a farmhouse look, so i painted the table white and replaced the top with a new top made from new lumber.  While it made the table so much better and my space so much brighter and more my current style – it was still a counter height table.  I learned that i […]

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Post by Sausha

Raised Stencil Tutorial

Sweet Pickins Raised Stencil tutorial

Hey!!  Today im back with a quick post about a quick way to add a pretty little detail to your painted pieces.  This is super easy and quick and adds just the right amount of character to a piece that might be on the plain side. I saw a raised stencil a few years ago, then forgot all about them.  But i was reminded of them again when i saw some pieces from Kristin from Tattered Perfection.  So i chatted with her about how she went about it, she gave me a few tips and i got on my way to trying it out :) When i 1st tried this, i picked up my stencils from Michaels.  They are the Martha Stewart brand.  They are ok – but they are really thin.  I didnt realize how thin they were until i ordered some from Etsy – the place i ordered […]

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Dark Wax Tutorial

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - dark wax tutorial

I know waxing for some may seem intimidating, especially dark waxing – but honestly its one of the easiest things to do and can make a huge impact.  Im a HUGE fan of dark wax, i would say that about 90% of the pieces that i finish are dark waxed.  The wax brings out all those incredible details, highlights the highs and lows in a piece of furniture, adds an amazing aged patina and picks up on all those little imperfections for a huge effect in the finished product.  Almost every piece i paint, i dont just imagine it in the color that ive picked out for it, i imagine what the dark wax is going to do to that color that i chose.  I get most excited when im about to apply that dark wax :) In the pic below – both pieces are painted in a white.  The […]

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Floral Wood Tutorial – Using Napkins!

Sweet Pickins - napkins on wood

Hey – im back with a quick blog post about how im getting all those cute floral prints on my furniture and on wood!  Ive been posting ton of pics on FB lately about these fun florals and lots were asking for a tutorial – so here goes! I saw and bought a piece of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby months ago when i was working on another project and the print was some faded florals on barnwood and i loved it.  Then i bought some photography backdrops a few months back and it was also the same type of image – and i knew i wanted to recreate it.  While looking at something online maybe about a year ago or so, i had come across someone using napkins to cover a shelf or something and that had always been stored in the back of my brain somewhere – so […]

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Peace Sign with Paper Flowers – Tutorial

Sweet Pickins - Peace sign w/paper flowers tutorial

Im back.  And if you notice, its only been a week since i posted last, not 6 months!!  Im so on a roll ;) So – if you remember, ive been re-doing my entry way.  Last time i posted about it, i had just put up the vintage cupboard over my blue dressser.  Well, now both of those are gone.  I just couldnt work with that cupboard as much as i loved it, so im going to use it somewhere else.  Where, im not sure yet – but i love it and it will find a new home somewhere. Anyways.  Ive recently refinished a buffet for me, its pink!!!  If you follow me on facebook you have already seen it.  Looks like a new blog post is in order about the buffet as well.  The new pink buffet is now in my entry way and i will be doing a […]

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{Before & After} Antique Dresser w/Denim Treatment

Sweet Pickins Denim Treatment Dresser

You guys miss me?  Feels like forever since ive posted…clearly i go in spurts, i will try and be better about posting cuz there is lots going on, just nothing is ever finished!  Story of my life :)  I actually havent really even been on the computer at all this week – i feel like i am missing out! ……………………… When i went to start on this cute little dresser last week, i couldnt quite come up with an idea of how i wanted it refinished.  Its super plain and needed something fun to make it unique. So i was putting away some laundry in Kdins room and it hit me that i should try the denim treatment that is on his walls on a piece of furniture – and this dresser would be a perfect candidate. (Old pic w/my old blog name!) I havent showed too much of kdins […]

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My table re-do with new wood top!!

Sweet Pickins - using steel wool to stain wood

Oh – you guys, i am SO excited to show you my transformed table!  I love it so much and after wanting to make the change for a couple years, am so glad i finally did it! It was a fairly easy re-do with a big impact, i dont know why i waited so long! Anyways – its done now :) This is the last pic i took of my table.  It was a good decent table that wasnt exactly cheap so i just didnt want to get rid of it, plus i really like the lines of the chairs.  But what i hated so much besides it being black, was the table top.  It had all these lines in it to mimic wood planks and trying to keep it clean (on top of being black) was a nightmare. Plus the black was so heavy and just didnt flow with […]

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{Working with the dirt!} – before & after

sweet pickins furniture (4)

I finished up this table a quite a while ago but just found some pics of it while going through some stuff.  I really loved the way this table turned out and have always love the finish and the color.  I meant to post about it so long ago…but you know how it goes :) One of the reasons that i loved the table so much was how the finished texture was.  It looked like the table had been painted for years and had a very authentic worn look to it. To achieve the finish, i just left on all the old build up dirt(i think this table must have been stored in a garage or barn for sometime, thats why so much dirt) and flaking lacquer while i painted.  Yup, thats right, left the dirt right on it!  No cleaning or prepping here!  Dont scrape, sand, flake off or […]

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Vintage Inspired Valentine Sign


Sooooo, i wanted to make a wooden sign for Christmas and just didnt find the time.  Well, the next holiday up is Valentines and im on it!  This last weekend we had a rare weekend when we had nothing planned – no soccer, no bday or family parties, nothing.  All in all i was pretty lazy but i did make this sign that i had been thinking about for a few weeks. When i think Valentines, i always imagine candy hearts and scalloped cards that i used to get as a kid – man i wish i saved those!  Anyways – i wanted to give my sign a vintage valentiney feel so i thought the scallops were perfect.  I have to admit that after the sign was done, i didnt love it like i thought i would…its still not my favorite but its growing on me.  Maybe once i get […]

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