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Acid Mirror Tutorial

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Acid Mirror Tutorial

Hey!  Im back today with a quick tutorial on acid mirrors.  This is a fun way to do a little something more with your furniture pieces and make it unlike anyone elses.  And to make the mirrors in Sweet Pickins style – i had to add the floral napkins! This idea is not new – its been around for a long time and was pretty popular 4-5 years ago.  I always wanted to try it, but just never got around to it until now.  If you google ‘acid mirror’, there will be a ton of tutorials that pop up, they are everywhere.  I remember reading through a few a few years ago when this was the thing to do and everyone seemed to do it a bit different. So i gathered up my supplies and got to experimenting…this is what worked for me.  I did not end up using the […]

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Post by Sausha

{Old Door = Chalkboard}


Oh man, how i LOVE old doors!!!  I am seriously a door hoarder!!  But, im trying to start repurposing them to get them cleared out! A couple of years ago, i took an old single panel door,painted the frame white and then chalkboard in the middle and hung it horizontally on the wall for my craftroom. Seriously bad pic, but it was the only one i could find right now… Then recently i took an old screen door, ripped out the screen and put in a chalkboard.  I love the color on this one (intense teal by SW with a dark brown glaze) If you have followed me for a while now, you know my old green door that i cut down to make a coffee table – still LOVE this one!!  Since then, i have made several door tables. Then, just yesterday i posted about a single panel door […]

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Post by Sausha

{Dresser turned TV Console} before & after


Ive had this ordinary dresser in my furniture stash for a few months and finally finished it up a couple days ago – I was so glad to finally get it done and Im lovin’ the way it turned out. My client needed  a TV console, so the top 2 drawers were removed and the middle cabinet door was taken off (sorry, I cant find the pic of the “oh so beautiful gold trimmed drawers and cabinet”, it was gorg – bummer). Once the drawers were removed, I cut some MDF to fit where the top drawers used to be. Then I got some tiny little decorative trim and put that around each drawer opening and the cupboard opening – just to give everything a finished look. Then the dresser was primed and painted “Gris” by SW.  I distressed everything and then used ebony Minwax stain to glaze it – […]

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Post by Sausha

{Another old door turned coffee table}


> I had another old door laying around that wasn’t being used for anything, so since my last door turned coffee table got some sweet comments/emails, I decided to make one to sell. This door was smaller, not quite as wide as mine, but it still made a perfect little table, and I love how it had a dark stain already that I could work with. Before…I just cut off about 32 inches from the end, cut that in half to have about 16 in sides.  Then I decided to leave the old cream paint as is and use that for the under side of the table and the dark stained part I painted a teal color. All chopped up and ready to paint.  I taped off the hinges as well as the spot where the door knob used to be. After, I used my cabinet scrapers to heavily distress […]

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Post by Sausha

{Gun case turned craft hutch}–before & after

I got this gun case a while back, and gun cases just aren’t my thing…. so I knew right away that it could be modified and repurposed as a cute little craft hutch.  But, it could also be cute in the kitchen, bedroom, anywheres… Before – case is in 2 pieces (luckily for me) And while I was totally diggin the birdies – they had to go.  I took the doors off completely (and trashed them as fast as possible) and then took off the upper gun holder.  I also removed all the felt from the bottom part where the guns would rest – but I left the carved circles in place. Next, I made 3 simple shelves to put the baskets on.  I just used some pre-cut pine strips, made a cleat for the shelf to sit on, then used a piece of pre-cut pine to trim out the […]

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Post by Sausha

{My cutest table EVER!!}- old door turned coffee table


> I posted about a year ago, this awesome door that I got and didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  Well, it has been in every room of my house waiting for inspiration to strike.  I could think of tons of uses for the door – but nothing that would work for my house.  I really didn’t want to cut up the door – but I love the door so much that by making it a coffee table for the room that I am in everyday – made sense.  And I love the character that the table brings to the room – its perfection Before… And after…I basically just cut about 32 in off one end, cut that in half for the legs and put the rest on for the table top.  I love its simplistic rustic yuminess.  And the color – so perfect.  I cant […]

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Post by Sausha

{Repurposed Headboard/Footboard}


> I have seen tons of headboards turned benches out there and its been on my to-do list for about a year now.  I finally got around to it and I think it turned out pretty cute :) This is not a detailed tutorial – but you will get the gist.  I think that you just have to play around with it because every headboard/footboard is built different and this can be done all different ways.  Just make it up as you go along – that’s what I ALWAYS do!!! Before…I used the headboard and footboard The headboard wasn’t altered at all – just the footboard.  The footboard was used for the arm rests on my bench.  I could of also used the footboard for under the seat if I wanted a different look – it just would have a closed bottom and no arm rests – both ways would […]

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Post by Sausha