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Im still here! Whats up with me and new milk paint colors!!!

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Color Chart

Oh WOW, I just keep getting the award for worst blogger ever over and over, im just so good at disappearing!!  If your with me on Facebook, then you know im still around.  I sometimes even post on Instagram, but Facebook is my jam – its just so easy to stay connected on there :) So whats up with me you ask?!   1.  Well, my husband is deployed again for the 3rd time.  Hes somewhere in the middle east right now for a year deployment with the Army.  He left in May and will be home sometime in April of next year.  We’ve been through these before, so while they are tough and i of course miss my husband, im pretty independent and i definitely keep myself busy.  Time goes pretty quick when im busy with the house, the kids and my business so i got this :) 2. […]

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Unplanned Blog Break…Be Back Next Week…For Reals!

Sweet Pickins - flour sack

So i wasnt planning this little blog break – but life has been so busy lately.  I have SO many emails, blog comments, FB messages and posts to reply too and there are just not enough hours in the day, but just know that i am working on getting caught up :)  I just wanted to check in and let anyone know thats still out there reading that i am still alive. 1.  I got a new computer a few weeks ago and for some reason i am having the hardest time getting my pics transferred – i can only get half of them on my new computer and they arent the half i need for posts i need to do.  Figures. 2.  Kids are both finally back in school as of yesterday so i can finally get back into a routine again.  Phewww 3.  I have been so busy […]

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New FB group and some new listings

Sweet Pickins Furniture

I just wanted to drop in real quick and let you guys know about this awesome FB book group that i was asked to be a part of about a month ago.  The group is called Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks.  Its a smaller group of about 15 girls and a couple dudes thrown in that are all in Utah. The FB page is basically an online boutique that only the members are able to post items for sale, but anyone can “like” the page and purchase items (remember though, that everyone listing items for sale are in Utah and not everyone ships). Even if you arent interested in purchasing any of the items, its a great place to go for more furniture inspiration :)  Click here to like the page. The Reclaimologists are hosting a boutique next weekend – it will be filled with tons of local crafters and you […]

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Whats up with me lately…

Sweet Pickins Furniture

Sorry i have been MIA lately… Sometimes i am super motivated to blog and sometimes not so much… Right now, it has been a little of lack of motivation as well as just being busy.  There hasnt been one thing in particular keeping me busy, just a bunch of everything.  Santi has been out of town a lot lately and normally those are my times to get some projects done, but the last couple times that he has left for a few weeks i have just been taking it easy for the most part. And now that the weather is starting to get better, we have been working like crazy in our yard.  I really like yard work so i dont mind that at all :)  Plus we are doing some fun things in the yard this year and its always more fun to work when you get something awesome at the […]

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{My Favorite Things In The Shop} – Useful Tools

Sweet Pickins - Shop Favorites

Ive received an email or two or three… over the years about some of my favorite tools in the shop.  While these pics arent necessarily tools (power tools i guess) – they are some of my most used, cant live without shop tools.  There are of course so many more tools i use on a daily basis depending on the task at hand, but these are used the most. …………………….. In no particular order… My most favorite primer ever tinted to a dark brown.  I talked about this product and why i use it here. Paint decks from Sherwin Williams and Ben Moore – you can pick these up for about $10 a piece – or free if your nice like me ;) Tack cloths – i use these every day.  After sanding down furniture these are perfect for cleaning up all that dust.  Especially important if you want to […]

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The great CLEAN OUT of 2013!!!

sweet pickins

Nope…Im not moving – although it looks like it :) I have been in some sort of a funk lately when it comes to my house.  I really dont think its just the winter ickies that will soon pass.  I have been feeling this coming for a while.  I just need a fresh start. A few months back i repainted the main areas in my house in a light gray (repose gray by Sherwin Williams) thinking that would give me that “renewed” feeling.  Although i like it, i dont know if i love it – know what i mean? Since then i have brought in a few more pieces of furniture (the yellow dresser w/mirror on the back wall, the blue cupboard in my kitchen and the tall door cupboard) – i just think with all these pieces of furniture, and all in different colors, i just started to feel […]

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Custom Orders – Back Again!!

Just a quick note for all my local Utah customers….I will now be taking custom orders on a limited basis Ok – i didnt go to long without taking custom orders did i??!!  i feel like i am missing out meeting new people and working on lots of cute furniture!! BUT, because i still have a big ol’ storage unit full of furniture, and because i have really liked not feeling the pressure of working fast (i know, its only pressure i put on myself!!) – i will only be taking one or two customs per week depending on the furniture. So, if your in Utah and need your furniture painted up all cute like, email me pics/dimensions and i will give you a quote and get you scheduled :)  My email is up in the menu bar. ………………….. K – Thats it!!!  I got some painting to do – […]

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{Hot Chocolate Station}

hot chocolate station 1

I just wanted to do a quick post and let you know of a fun and easy idea that the kids have been doing for the last few years.  Of course in Utah we get chilly winters, so there’s a lot of hot chocolate drinkin’ around here! ………………………………. I was tired of getting out all the hot chocolate fixin’s every time they came in from playing outside, so we decided to make a hot chocolate station.  Its perfect because everything is in one place and the kids can easily make there own drinks without having to get everything out…and put it back away. We keep ours pretty simple with standard stuff.  Hot chocolate, candy canes and of course marshmallows.  You can get more fancy with syrups and chocolate or whatever you may like. We just placed everything in glass jars with scoops.  If its gonna be out on the counter all winter […]

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{Changes} – no more custom work for a bit


I just wanted to drop in real quick and let you guys know that i am making some changes as far as my furniture biz goes.  As some of you may have noticed, and i know that you have because of the emails i’ve gotten, i haven’t posted any furniture for sale in months!  The reason why, is that i have been so busy with custom orders that i just haven’t been able to get to my own furniture to refinish and then post for sale. I have more than appreciated everyone that has kept me busy over the past months, all the referrals have been awesome.  It makes me feel so good when people come back over and over to have their own furniture painted.  Or when i learn that i painted their “so and so’s” furniture and it looked great and now they want theirs done and then the cycle continues. It […]

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{Im Going In} – the closet under the stairs


Right around the corner at the bottom of the stairs is a closet door that seems innocent enough…. But then….it opens to this…. And unfortunately, its jam packed like that all the way through, even wrapped around and under the stairs… You see, we are having a 2nd furnace added to our home this Saturday and they need full access under the stairs…so it has be cleaned out today… My husband is expecting this closet to be “clean” – like “no junk left in it when im done clean”.  But…he doesnt understand…there is so much potential for some awesome crap to be made from this potential hoarders closet.  So i will do what i can.  Throw away what i can, maybe even sell what i can? ………………………. If you dont hear back from me soon, call someone please and have them rescue me ;)

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