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Acid Mirror Tutorial

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Acid Mirror Tutorial

Hey!  Im back today with a quick tutorial on acid mirrors.  This is a fun way to do a little something more with your furniture pieces and make it unlike anyone elses.  And to make the mirrors in Sweet Pickins style – i had to add the floral napkins! This idea is not new – its been around for a long time and was pretty popular 4-5 years ago.  I always wanted to try it, but just never got around to it until now.  If you google ‘acid mirror’, there will be a ton of tutorials that pop up, they are everywhere.  I remember reading through a few a few years ago when this was the thing to do and everyone seemed to do it a bit different. So i gathered up my supplies and got to experimenting…this is what worked for me.  I did not end up using the […]

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Post by Sausha

Aging new wood with milk paint and vinegar

Sweet Pickins - Aging new wood with milk paint and vinegar solution

One of my favorite things ever is the look of old weathered gray wood that’s had years in the sun out to oxidize and produce an amazing patina.  But unfortunately its getting harder to find and especially in the size that i need it in.  So i had to come up with something else. I’ve been working on some ways to make new wood look aged and finally found a technique/look that i like and what i think most closely resembles old wood.  It involves Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in a couple of shades, vinegar and steel wool solution, some stain or glaze (or even dark paint), a couple old paint brushes and some new lumber.   Its super easy. Here are some 2×8’s that i am using to create some of my EAT signs that i sell here. I’ve cut my lumber to size and have sanded down to […]

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Post by Sausha

{Layering Paint Technique} – using spackling paste


So – about 3 years ago i seen this most awesome piece of furniture at a local boutique here in Utah.  I took pics at the time, but ive switched phones a couple times since then and the pics are gone.  It had the most awesome painting technique done too it.  It looked like layers and layers of old paint, but it wasnt.  You could tell that the paint had been layered on using some type of product with some kind of tool – the finish was really textured and had tons of colors in it.  And what i loved about the finish, was that it had lots of “lines” in the paint, it wasnt just painted on and then sanded off, the “lines” really made the piece look awesome. So you got that visual in your head!?!  I know, i know….i would love to be able to find a […]

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Post by Sausha

My table re-do with new wood top!!

Sweet Pickins - using steel wool to stain wood

Oh – you guys, i am SO excited to show you my transformed table!  I love it so much and after wanting to make the change for a couple years, am so glad i finally did it! It was a fairly easy re-do with a big impact, i dont know why i waited so long! Anyways – its done now :) This is the last pic i took of my table.  It was a good decent table that wasnt exactly cheap so i just didnt want to get rid of it, plus i really like the lines of the chairs.  But what i hated so much besides it being black, was the table top.  It had all these lines in it to mimic wood planks and trying to keep it clean (on top of being black) was a nightmare. Plus the black was so heavy and just didnt flow with […]

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Little painting trick using vaseline

Sweet Pickins Vaseline Trick

Long ago i posted about using vaseline (petroleum jelly) as a way to get a chippy paint finish.  It just makes it so the paint doesnt stick to whatever you are painting and then when the paint is dry, you wipe away the vaseline.  Easy enough. Vaseline can also be used to cover up things that you dont want to get painted.  Such as hardware that you dont want to take off or cant get off!  Hinges, key hole locks, glass, etc. Lets take this dresser i just finished up for example.  The old key hole locks werent easily removable, too much old gunk and paint made them way too difficult to remove.  My client had already painted them black when he brought me the dresser to paint. Because i wasnt able to remove the locks and didnt want to get paint all over them, i used vaseline to cover […]

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Post by Sausha

{Working with the dirt!} – before & after

sweet pickins furniture (4)

I finished up this table a quite a while ago but just found some pics of it while going through some stuff.  I really loved the way this table turned out and have always love the finish and the color.  I meant to post about it so long ago…but you know how it goes :) One of the reasons that i loved the table so much was how the finished texture was.  It looked like the table had been painted for years and had a very authentic worn look to it. To achieve the finish, i just left on all the old build up dirt(i think this table must have been stored in a garage or barn for sometime, thats why so much dirt) and flaking lacquer while i painted.  Yup, thats right, left the dirt right on it!  No cleaning or prepping here!  Dont scrape, sand, flake off or […]

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Post by Sausha

{How to Glaze Furniture} – Take 2

how to glaze furniture - Sweet Pickins Furniture

One of my most popular posts of all time on this little blog is the one i did on glazing furniture so long ago!  That post can be found here. While i still use that technique sometimes with the stain or paint mixed with a glazing medium, it is no longer my “go to” technique for glazing furniture. About a year ago i discovered a new glaze by Sherwin Williams and i have mostly been using this product ever since.  Its so easy to work with and you can get a rich deep glazed look with it or go very light, just depending on what look you are going for. ………………… 1st – for those that dont know exactly what a glaze does.  Its basically a stain that you wipe on and then wipe off giving your furniture an aged, worn, antiqued look.  Its adds so much depth to a […]

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Post by Sausha

{My Favorite Tinted Primer}


One of the questions i get asked most often is, “how come when i look close at your pics of furniture, i don’t see any white primer where you have distressed it?” That’s because, for the most part i don’t like to see white primer showing through, and whenever i can, i avoid it. There are a ton of options for primer, we could talk for days about all the primer options – seriously.  And what a fascinating conversation that would be ;)  So, if your ok with white primer showing through, then that’s cool.  And sometimes i do too – it all just depends really, just personal choice i guess. But, if you want to avoid seeing white primer, you have options people. You can have your primer tinted the same color as your paint, like i did for this piano.  So that way, when it was distressed, no […]

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Post by Sausha