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{Laundry Room Updates}–and my most asked questions about the laundry room

> A couple of months ago when I re painted my 1/2 bath, I re painted the laundry room as well.  I always hated that mocha color in there – it never felt like the rest of my house. Finally, with the addition of a couple wicker baskets, an old window and the new color, it has the same feeling as the rest of the house. Before… After…repainted in Silvermist by SW – mixed with white to lighten the color – about a 1:1 ratio I looked everywhere for wicker baskets for under the W/D, but couldn’t find them anywhere.  I finally found some that would fit, but they would not hold up to the pulling in and out everyday.  So, I went with these 2 from Hobby Lobby for $20 each (50% off that week) – perfect for holding random things and socks.  And I like how they add […]

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{Ana-White plans}

>   A few weeks Ana from Ana-White (formerly Knock-Off Wood) contacted me and asked me what i thought about her drawing up some plans for my washer/dryer pedestal.  How could i not be excited?!?  Her site is awesome and being featured on there is very cool and quite an honor :) If you haven’t visited Ana-White then you need too, right away!  Especially if your in the mood to build something with your bare hands!  She has tons of cute furniture plans that she puts on her site for everyone to use for free.  You can find all sorts of plans there – beds, dressers, tv consoles, kids play stuff, islands – seriously everything and anything you could think of.  She is awesome – go visit her and then build something :)  Anyways, she drew up the plans for my washer/dryer pedestal and posted all the directions for building, […]

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{laundry room highlight with an awesome link for some awesome plans}

>   I get a bajillion emails – yes, really a bajillion emails, no exaggeration at all, about my laundry room that i posted about here and here.  You guys want to know every detail – every teensy tiny detail – i don’t blame you because the idea is awesome, genius, brilliant, etc… if i don’t say so myself ;)  (yes, i am totally proud of my laundry room in case that is not obvious) But, at the time i built my little masterpiece i wasn’t blogging, i had no idea that my pics needed to be so detailed – also i did my best to describe the process but some people need plans – detailed plans.  Well, Christa from Stories of a House found inspiration in my laundry room and built herself her own riser – well her husband built it –but  same dif.  But, he is an architect […]

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{laundry room updates}

> After i posted about my laundry room here, i was looking at the pics and decided that it all looked good except for that metal clothes rod.  The rest of the room all flows together and that metal stuck out like a big fat sore thumb :) See! So, i decided to fix that little problem and all i spent was $20 for the rod – i love it when i already have stuff laying around that i can finally use :) I had some wood shelf brackets, drilled a big round hole for the rod.  I had to add a 2×4 behind the bracket to make it stick out a little further so the rod wouldn’t be recessed – otherwise i wouldn’t have been able to hang hangers, not good when your trying to get some laundry done…   I gave it all a coat of black paint […]

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The Laundry Room…

>   {LAUNDRY ROOM}   Although i have a fairly good size laundry room, it didn’t have any real storage for laundry baskets and it just wasn’t wide enough to have the baskets across from the washer/dryer without all being up in my business ;) So, i decided to make a built in cabinet for UNDER the washer/dryer – ingenious, i know!  I was very proud of this project because it was one of the few that i came up with my own little brain – not one i stole  i mean borrowed!  I did this project about a year or so ago and although i didn’t have this little blog way back then, i knew one day i would be a future blogger so i took some pics along the way.  Get ready for picture overload… By the way, i build all my own stuff, i have all the […]

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