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Acid Mirror Tutorial

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Acid Mirror Tutorial

Hey!  Im back today with a quick tutorial on acid mirrors.  This is a fun way to do a little something more with your furniture pieces and make it unlike anyone elses.  And to make the mirrors in Sweet Pickins style – i had to add the floral napkins! This idea is not new – its been around for a long time and was pretty popular 4-5 years ago.  I always wanted to try it, but just never got around to it until now.  If you google ‘acid mirror’, there will be a ton of tutorials that pop up, they are everywhere.  I remember reading through a few a few years ago when this was the thing to do and everyone seemed to do it a bit different. So i gathered up my supplies and got to experimenting…this is what worked for me.  I did not end up using the […]

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Post by Sausha

Floral Wood Tutorial – Using Napkins!

Sweet Pickins - napkins on wood

Hey – im back with a quick blog post about how im getting all those cute floral prints on my furniture and on wood!  Ive been posting ton of pics on FB lately about these fun florals and lots were asking for a tutorial – so here goes! I saw and bought a piece of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby months ago when i was working on another project and the print was some faded florals on barnwood and i loved it.  Then i bought some photography backdrops a few months back and it was also the same type of image – and i knew i wanted to recreate it.  While looking at something online maybe about a year ago or so, i had come across someone using napkins to cover a shelf or something and that had always been stored in the back of my brain somewhere – so […]

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My table re-do with new wood top!!

Sweet Pickins - using steel wool to stain wood

Oh – you guys, i am SO excited to show you my transformed table!  I love it so much and after wanting to make the change for a couple years, am so glad i finally did it! It was a fairly easy re-do with a big impact, i dont know why i waited so long! Anyways – its done now :) This is the last pic i took of my table.  It was a good decent table that wasnt exactly cheap so i just didnt want to get rid of it, plus i really like the lines of the chairs.  But what i hated so much besides it being black, was the table top.  It had all these lines in it to mimic wood planks and trying to keep it clean (on top of being black) was a nightmare. Plus the black was so heavy and just didnt flow with […]

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{How to Glaze Furniture} – Take 2

how to glaze furniture - Sweet Pickins Furniture

One of my most popular posts of all time on this little blog is the one i did on glazing furniture so long ago!  That post can be found here. While i still use that technique sometimes with the stain or paint mixed with a glazing medium, it is no longer my “go to” technique for glazing furniture. About a year ago i discovered a new glaze by Sherwin Williams and i have mostly been using this product ever since.  Its so easy to work with and you can get a rich deep glazed look with it or go very light, just depending on what look you are going for. ………………… 1st – for those that dont know exactly what a glaze does.  Its basically a stain that you wipe on and then wipe off giving your furniture an aged, worn, antiqued look.  Its adds so much depth to a […]

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Tips for removing peeling veneer


Im sure lots of you already know this, and it may seem pretty self explanatory.  But, when i started working on this vanity and removing the veneer i thought maybe i might have a couple tricks that some of you may not know. ………………….. Lets take this antique vanity that i just finished up.  We found it outside and obviously it had been out in the elements for a bit.  Overall it was in good shape, but the veneer on the tops was peeling up. 1st – did you know that under that peeling veneer is good wood!  Just because the veneer is peeling, doesnt mean that the furniture is trash or cant be fixed.      a.  If the veneer is in good enough shape, you could glue it back down.  Even if it has small gaps or some pieces missing and you plan on painting, glue it down […]

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{Before & After} – dresser turned TV console

{Before & After} - dresser turned TV console

For those of you that didn’t catch my guest post the other day @ I am Momma Hear Me Roar, I wanted to post it here too.  Thanks again Cheri for asking me to guest post – she was off to NYC to be on the Martha Show!  How awesome is that!! My clients dresser wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either!  It was solid wood and in really good shape so they didn’t want to trash it.  They needed a tv console for their new flat screen and after seeing the one that i posted about here, they decided to have me re-purpose their dresser as well. It started out like any normal dresser, but i needed to reconfigure it a little to be a functional tv console.  I started by taking out the three top drawers and then the middle one in the center.  I just used the jigsaw to remove that middle support between the 2 drawers.  My […]

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{Happy Accident} – Before & After


I cant believe I didn’t get a before pic of this table, it was falling apart and almost had to be trashed.  But it was old and chippy, just how I like’m.  I was painting another table white, so I thought I would paint this one at the same time.  After it was dry, I distressed it with a sanding block.  I didn’t sand the table real great before painting it, so that way when I distressed it the new paint would flake off and look chippy. But, I wasn’t feeling the bright white, it was too plain and had no “umpfh”.  So I grabbed some Kona stain by Rustoleum and slathered it on and then wiped it off.  (think I need a manicure?!) I was thinking that when I wiped it off, it would give me a creamy tannish color.  But, instead I got this awesome pinky, gray color […]

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{Dresser turned TV Console} before & after


Ive had this ordinary dresser in my furniture stash for a few months and finally finished it up a couple days ago – I was so glad to finally get it done and Im lovin’ the way it turned out. My client needed  a TV console, so the top 2 drawers were removed and the middle cabinet door was taken off (sorry, I cant find the pic of the “oh so beautiful gold trimmed drawers and cabinet”, it was gorg – bummer). Once the drawers were removed, I cut some MDF to fit where the top drawers used to be. Then I got some tiny little decorative trim and put that around each drawer opening and the cupboard opening – just to give everything a finished look. Then the dresser was primed and painted “Gris” by SW.  I distressed everything and then used ebony Minwax stain to glaze it – […]

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{Desk}–before & after


> 1st things 1st – WELCOME to all my new followers!!  The response from being on the NATE SHOW has been awesome!!  The whole thing still hasn’t sank in yet – I am getting calls from all around the U.S. inquiring about my furniture, and the emails – my inbox was full before, now its exploding and I am slowly trying to get back with all of you.  And i am working on getting a link from my segment posted here. I have some changes on this blog coming – and hopefully soon, it will be much more user friendly.  If you are wondering why a lot of my pics say Sweet Pickins, that’s my other blog where I sell my furniture – and that will be one of the changes coming, 2 blogs arent easy!  I cant even keep up with one!!  Anyways – more to come on that […]

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{Another old door turned coffee table}


> I had another old door laying around that wasn’t being used for anything, so since my last door turned coffee table got some sweet comments/emails, I decided to make one to sell. This door was smaller, not quite as wide as mine, but it still made a perfect little table, and I love how it had a dark stain already that I could work with. Before…I just cut off about 32 inches from the end, cut that in half to have about 16 in sides.  Then I decided to leave the old cream paint as is and use that for the under side of the table and the dark stained part I painted a teal color. All chopped up and ready to paint.  I taped off the hinges as well as the spot where the door knob used to be. After, I used my cabinet scrapers to heavily distress […]

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