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Finished Entry Way – Gallery Wall

Sweet Pickins Entry Wall

My entry has gone through many transformations since we have lived in this house – but its finally just how i want it! Lets look back at the evolution of my entry, shall we? This was the very 1st pic of it that i took… I dont know what i was thinking with the goldish and chocolate brown walls – but hey, its all about figuring out what you do and dont like and letting your style evolve :)  Man it has come a long way!! Im not even going to bother trying to edit this pic and making it look even a little better – its hopeless!  By the way – this was 9 years ago, right after we built our house and moved in. Then, i repainted the walls in Mountain Haze by Behr, found this cool old dresser and then hung up a curtain rod that i […]

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{Laundry Room Updates}–and my most asked questions about the laundry room


> A couple of months ago when I re painted my 1/2 bath, I re painted the laundry room as well.  I always hated that mocha color in there – it never felt like the rest of my house. Finally, with the addition of a couple wicker baskets, an old window and the new color, it has the same feeling as the rest of the house. Before… After…repainted in Silvermist by SW – mixed with white to lighten the color – about a 1:1 ratio I looked everywhere for wicker baskets for under the W/D, but couldn’t find them anywhere.  I finally found some that would fit, but they would not hold up to the pulling in and out everyday.  So, I went with these 2 from Hobby Lobby for $20 each (50% off that week) – perfect for holding random things and socks.  And I like how they add […]

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{My cutest table EVER!!}- old door turned coffee table


> I posted about a year ago, this awesome door that I got and didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  Well, it has been in every room of my house waiting for inspiration to strike.  I could think of tons of uses for the door – but nothing that would work for my house.  I really didn’t want to cut up the door – but I love the door so much that by making it a coffee table for the room that I am in everyday – made sense.  And I love the character that the table brings to the room – its perfection Before… And after…I basically just cut about 32 in off one end, cut that in half for the legs and put the rest on for the table top.  I love its simplistic rustic yuminess.  And the color – so perfect.  I cant […]

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{my paint sprayer} and a long story to go with it…


> One of the most emailed questions i get besides laundry room questions is about what i use to paint furniture – brush or gun. Well….the answer is…a GUN!!! Let me tell you a little story (and its a long story, so if you don’t care then just come back in a couple of days for my craft room post, it has prettier pics!).  I had a gun that i have been using for about a year or so.  It sprayed well, it was easy to use, it could take a beating, and it was cheap – so when it was time to replace it, it wouldn’t clean out my bank account.   By the way, i got the gun at Lowes for between $50-$60. Old gun So, although this gun was working ok, i was looking to upgrade.  Mostly because i used this gun with my 22 gallon air compressor, […]

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{laundry room updates}

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> After i posted about my laundry room here, i was looking at the pics and decided that it all looked good except for that metal clothes rod.  The rest of the room all flows together and that metal stuck out like a big fat sore thumb :) See! So, i decided to fix that little problem and all i spent was $20 for the rod – i love it when i already have stuff laying around that i can finally use :) I had some wood shelf brackets, drilled a big round hole for the rod.  I had to add a 2×4 behind the bracket to make it stick out a little further so the rod wouldn’t be recessed – otherwise i wouldn’t have been able to hang hangers, not good when your trying to get some laundry done…   I gave it all a coat of black paint […]

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{flowers in old mason jars}

santihome, hometour 268

> I have been trying to collect old mason jars for a while now – i can think of a ton of things to do with them – too many in fact!  So why i am just barely getting around to using them now?  Who knows!  But i have had this idea in the back of my little head for a while now and now that i refinished my coffee table (will be posting that soon) i thought it is as good as time as any to put them to use :)  And i love when an idea turns out just as i had imagined. These are three of the blue mason jars that i have been able to find.  Two of them came from goodwill for .50 each and the middle one i just got a couple of days ago from a house that my dad and brother were […]

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{framed mirror tutorial}

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> Finally!  This mirror has been done for a little bit but i have just had too much going on to write this post (or any post!), but here it is… First i have to tell you that this my third mirror and my last, yeah!!!  And all 3 have been done different ways.  I just went with a different style in each room and just made it up as i went along – that’s how i do things :) For this mirror, i had a little challenge.  You can see in the 1st pic that for some reason the builder put a plug-in – in the mirror!  Why?!  I have no idea why they couldn’t move it over a foot – but instead i had this lovely mirrored, beveled, 80’s looking plug cover plate right smack in the bottom corner of my mirror. I knew that the plug in […]

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{Kids bathroom w/framed builder mirror}

kids bath blog 112

>   1st – i looked high & low for pics of the bathroom from the beginning – before any paint and the standard builder mirror, but they were no where to be found 2nd – this room has 0 natural light – the pics were hard to get – really this room is so bright and fresh looking the pics just don’t do it justice, oh well, you will just have to take my word for it:) Ok, on to the re-do.  I painted this bathroom shortly after we moved in (3 years ago).  I used a goldish-yellow paint and stenciled a swirly pattern on the walls.  I also put up bead board and framed the builder mirror.  The bathroom was ok – but since i repainted my house about a year ago it just wasn’t working out for me anymore.  Plus a little re-do is fun – and […]

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The Laundry Room…

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>   {LAUNDRY ROOM}   Although i have a fairly good size laundry room, it didn’t have any real storage for laundry baskets and it just wasn’t wide enough to have the baskets across from the washer/dryer without all being up in my business ;) So, i decided to make a built in cabinet for UNDER the washer/dryer – ingenious, i know!  I was very proud of this project because it was one of the few that i came up with my own little brain – not one i stole  i mean borrowed!  I did this project about a year or so ago and although i didn’t have this little blog way back then, i knew one day i would be a future blogger so i took some pics along the way.  Get ready for picture overload… By the way, i build all my own stuff, i have all the […]

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Playroom reveal – drumroll please…..!!!

Pink and Polka Dot

  Although i still have a few little things i want to do, its 98% DONE Just to remind you, this is what i started with… Since then, i painted ALL the walls with chalkboard paint (black).  I was a little worried at first but it all turned out good because the wall color only goes up about 3/4 and then i have molding to break up the space.  Also with the white couch and the bookcase the space is definitely not dark.     The walls were super easy to paint, i did primer the space before with a dark gray primer and then it just took 2 coats of the chalk board paint – i just used a regular roller and it turned out nice and smooth – like a babies butt ;) do you remember this table? And these chairs? And this dresser? I painted the top […]

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