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Refinished antique buffet & updated family room pics

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - painted antique buffet

Its me again!!  I just cant keep up with blogging lately – tons of things to post about but just not enough hours in the day!  I hope you follow me on facebook – its much easier to post over there and i normally check in and post a couple times throughout the day. ……………………………………… I picked up the most amazing matching set a couple months ago!  I got both the buffet and the hutch.  At 1st my plans were to paint and sell the buffet and keep the hutch for the basement, but once i got the buffet home i told my husband i just couldn’t get rid of it!  So i made room for it in my family room and its perfect :) As soon as i posted a before pic on facebook, i got tons of crap for saying i was going to paint it.  But, obviously […]

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Post by Sausha

Embroidery Hoop Wall

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Art

Ever since i saw a pic of something similar about 2 years ago, i have wanted to make an embroidery hoop wall somewhere in my house.  It was one of those pics that i gasped when i saw it – i loved the idea that much! If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that last week i finally started my little project :)  (check out my growing collection of old watering cans, cant get enough of those!) I love the mismatched fabrics and the fun colors – plus its unique and you can bring in colors and fabrics that will match your home.  And the fabrics can easily be changed out.  You could even add in fabrics for different holidays/seasons. I waited for a while before finally doing my wall because i really wanted to hang curtain panels on all the windows on my back wall to soften […]

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{Family Room Paint Color} – before & after

mountain haze wall color

I get emails all the time on my paint color in the main areas of my house, and after this post from yesterday i got a few more.  I actually repainted a few months back and forgot to post any before & after pics. Honestly, the change was so subtle no one really even notices!  Except me of course :) Here are a few pics from the past with the old color…Whoah!  These are some old pics!  Almost nothing is the same as it is now!! I really liked the color, it was a greenish gray and very neutral.  It was one that kinda changed with the day.  Sometimes though the green was a little too much and it clashed with some other colors that i tried to bring in.  Sometimes i thought it was a little too “minty”  – like toothpaste :) Here is one a little more recently… […]

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{I’ve got it all figured out…} thinking out loud


For some time now i have been a little stumped with how i want to decorate my upstairs living area.  I thought i had it all good about the time that i filmed my house for the Nate Show – but then after that i wanted to change things up a bit, you know how that is!  So i removed some of my furniture, planked a few walls, added some furniture, painted my walls, changed out my pillows a hundred times – but it still wasn’t feeling the way i wanted it to feel. Part of my problem is that i really like a lot of styles!  I would look at some pics online and really like the whole neutral, monochromatic thing that they had going on with no color and lots of natural elements.  But i also would really love the pics of neutral walls and painted furniture with pops of […]

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{Office Cabinet to TV Console} – before & after


I got this heavy duty office furniture from my friend a couple years ago, re-purposed it and realized i never posted about it – i actually have tons of things i want to post about but need more hours in my day! Anyways, here is the before pic.  Solid black cabinet in great shape and perfect for a TV console.  And i had already sold my old one so i needed one quick. The cabinet was ok as it was, but i wanted to change it up a little just to make it a little more custom looking and to raise it up a bit.  I decided to take out the middle drawer for the TV components and then modify the drawers just a bit.  I found these thin poplar wood strips that are super smooth in the hobby section @ Lowes.  I used these to make a frame for the drawers. […]

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{My cutest table EVER!!}- old door turned coffee table


> I posted about a year ago, this awesome door that I got and didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  Well, it has been in every room of my house waiting for inspiration to strike.  I could think of tons of uses for the door – but nothing that would work for my house.  I really didn’t want to cut up the door – but I love the door so much that by making it a coffee table for the room that I am in everyday – made sense.  And I love the character that the table brings to the room – its perfection Before… And after…I basically just cut about 32 in off one end, cut that in half for the legs and put the rest on for the table top.  I love its simplistic rustic yuminess.  And the color – so perfect.  I cant […]

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{Summer pooped in my family room}

summer familyroom 010

> That’s right – summer pooped in my family room!!  Lovely title right?!  But, that’s what happened – really it did. I needed some color in my family room – so with my awesome white couches – i can add all the colorful pillows i want. I LOVE it – just the color that this space needed. I also had a sofa table that was white, but i thought that needed some fun color as well – so yellow it went.  I love the yellow with my light greenish walls – so fresh and summery :)   k – yellow pillows (TJ Maxx) Green pillow (target) Round pillow (target) pink pillow (sears) blueish pillow (linens and things, forever ago) Ribbon pillow (sears)   Also – check out my ladder.  Love it – even though its about ready to crumble!  Perfect just propped against the wall to hold blankets.  So many […]

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{In lOVE with a RUG} – UPDATED

unfinished furniture 046

> I went to Ikea a few days ago – and when i was leaving, they had a little display by the out doors – it was a white slip covered couch and a bright colorful rug.  I knew right then and there that i MUST have that rug!  It looked so cute with the white slips – perfect match :) So – i thought about it and decided that i MUST have it – its just what my family room needed.  Normally i have a natural jute rug in there – but my husband hated it and i have to admit it was a little uncomfortable on the tosies.  So Santi tossed it in the garage a while ago – i was a little mad because i really like the natural beachy feel of it and it went perfect with my house… Oh well… Anyways – i went and […]

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house tour

santihome, hometour 223

> Well, my closet project that was supposed to get finished up today is not quite done – its all ready for paint so i will hopefully finish it up this week and post it soon.  But, this is a guest post that i did over @ Remodelaholic a couple weeks ago – check it out :) When Cassity asked me to part of her home tour I was so excited – my blog was so new at that time.  There is so much talent out there and this is truly an honor. I am going to show you the “main” part of my house.  The entry, family room, dining room and the kitchen.  These rooms are nearly done but I definitely have some things that I want to change up – especially after looking at them through a camera :) This is the outside of our house – we […]

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