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Floral Wood Tutorial – Using Napkins!

Sweet Pickins - napkins on wood

Hey – im back with a quick blog post about how im getting all those cute floral prints on my furniture and on wood!  Ive been posting ton of pics on FB lately about these fun florals and lots were asking for a tutorial – so here goes! I saw and bought a piece of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby months ago when i was working on another project and the print was some faded florals on barnwood and i loved it.  Then i bought some photography backdrops a few months back and it was also the same type of image – and i knew i wanted to recreate it.  While looking at something online maybe about a year ago or so, i had come across someone using napkins to cover a shelf or something and that had always been stored in the back of my brain somewhere – so […]

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Post by Sausha

Peace Sign with Paper Flowers – Tutorial

Sweet Pickins - Peace sign w/paper flowers tutorial

Im back.  And if you notice, its only been a week since i posted last, not 6 months!!  Im so on a roll ;) So – if you remember, ive been re-doing my entry way.  Last time i posted about it, i had just put up the vintage cupboard over my blue dressser.  Well, now both of those are gone.  I just couldnt work with that cupboard as much as i loved it, so im going to use it somewhere else.  Where, im not sure yet – but i love it and it will find a new home somewhere. Anyways.  Ive recently refinished a buffet for me, its pink!!!  If you follow me on facebook you have already seen it.  Looks like a new blog post is in order about the buffet as well.  The new pink buffet is now in my entry way and i will be doing a […]

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Post by Sausha

{Backyard Fireplace} – Part 2

Sweetpickinsfurniture.com DIY outdoor fireplace

K, back today to finally show you guys the finished product of our backyard fireplace :)  In case you missed Part 1, the prepping and building, click here. We left off with this pic…everything is built up and out, and the firebrick is installed. The next step was to build the mantle, cover the cement pad with cedar and wrap the wood storage area with cedar. I didnt take pics of the mantle building – it required to much thinking and was really frustrating at times.  With the angles, the overhangs, working with the wood sizes that i had bought – it took lots of brain power! I decided not to do a solid piece of timber as i wanted the mantle to wrap the 3 sides of the fireplace and with the width of timber that i would need for the sides, i decided to just build a box. […]

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Post by Sausha

{Backyard fireplace} – Part 1

Sweetpickinsfurniture.com  DIY outdoor fireplace

Im so sorry – i completely suck it as a blogger!  I hate when i check on blogs that i like and they havent posted for days let alone weeks!  Im no busier than anyone else – we all have tons of stuff to do.  Sometimes though i give myself too much to do with all of our projects going on and then when i do have time to sit down at the computer and do a blog post, im just not motivated to do it. I cant post during the day because we all know the computer sucks you in – one thing leads to another and 4 hours have gone by! So, i leave most of my computer stuff for the night after i have worked all day in the shop and by then im exhausted :) ……………………………… Anyways – i do have the most awesome project to […]

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Post by Sausha

Embroidery Hoop Wall

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Art

Ever since i saw a pic of something similar about 2 years ago, i have wanted to make an embroidery hoop wall somewhere in my house.  It was one of those pics that i gasped when i saw it – i loved the idea that much! If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that last week i finally started my little project :)  (check out my growing collection of old watering cans, cant get enough of those!) I love the mismatched fabrics and the fun colors – plus its unique and you can bring in colors and fabrics that will match your home.  And the fabrics can easily be changed out.  You could even add in fabrics for different holidays/seasons. I waited for a while before finally doing my wall because i really wanted to hang curtain panels on all the windows on my back wall to soften […]

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Post by Sausha

My table re-do with new wood top!!

Sweet Pickins - using steel wool to stain wood

Oh – you guys, i am SO excited to show you my transformed table!  I love it so much and after wanting to make the change for a couple years, am so glad i finally did it! It was a fairly easy re-do with a big impact, i dont know why i waited so long! Anyways – its done now :) This is the last pic i took of my table.  It was a good decent table that wasnt exactly cheap so i just didnt want to get rid of it, plus i really like the lines of the chairs.  But what i hated so much besides it being black, was the table top.  It had all these lines in it to mimic wood planks and trying to keep it clean (on top of being black) was a nightmare. Plus the black was so heavy and just didnt flow with […]

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Tips for removing peeling veneer


Im sure lots of you already know this, and it may seem pretty self explanatory.  But, when i started working on this vanity and removing the veneer i thought maybe i might have a couple tricks that some of you may not know. ………………….. Lets take this antique vanity that i just finished up.  We found it outside and obviously it had been out in the elements for a bit.  Overall it was in good shape, but the veneer on the tops was peeling up. 1st – did you know that under that peeling veneer is good wood!  Just because the veneer is peeling, doesnt mean that the furniture is trash or cant be fixed.      a.  If the veneer is in good enough shape, you could glue it back down.  Even if it has small gaps or some pieces missing and you plan on painting, glue it down […]

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{Christmas 2012 Mantle} – with ornament wreath tutorial


I know that ornament wreaths are nothing new.  I remember when i first saw one about 3 years ago (i cant remember the 1st one i saw) – i knew that i had to have one.  SO, i stockpiled ornaments for almost 3 years.  Every time i went to goodwill the 1st place i went was the Christmas isle and i looked for and took all the vintage ornaments i could get.  I think i ended up using about 40 boxes of ornaments!  This wreath is huge!  Like 3 ft wide huge! I knew i wanted my wreath huge and i wanted it mostly in pastel colors – no traditional christmas colors for me.  I was able to find lots of vintage ornaments but i did have to mix in some new ornaments as well because the wreath is so big and i needed lots!! So this year i finally […]

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{DIY Lintel Molding} – so easy!!


For the entrance into our “casino” room, we wanted the molding to be a little more grand.  We added the lights to each side of the door, but still needed something more to make that entrance a little more special.  I’ve always wanted to add molding to the doorways upstairs, so this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try. We love the way it turned out and it was so, so easy.  It seriously only took about 20 minutes per side + painting time. …………………… Luckily, all of the moldings in our house are the flat 1×6’s, so that makes it easier for so many of the projects that we do such as adding bead board to a room, or the board and batten treatments, and now this style of door molding.  If you do have the decorative molding, just google image search “lintel molding” and you will see […]

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Post by Sausha

{How to easily customize builder cabinets}


We have pretty much wrapped up the bathroom finishing, so now we are focusing on the basement kitchen/bar. Before we started on this process, we had a couple bids for custom cabinets.  Super pricey for just the 6 cabinets that we needed.  We did a little measuring and it turned out that all of our cabinets were actually stock cabinets and we could easily purchase them @ home depot or lowes (we ended up going with home depot).  I did have to paint the cabinets to get the color that i wanted, but it was worth it to save the $1000.  I will work on a post to show the before/after of the cabinets. There are of course lots of ways to easily customize builder cabinets and one of the easiest is to add molding.  In this case, we decided to add base molding instead of a traditional toe kick. […]

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