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Floral Wood Tutorial – Using Napkins!

Sweet Pickins - napkins on wood

Hey – im back with a quick blog post about how im getting all those cute floral prints on my furniture and on wood!  Ive been posting ton of pics on FB lately about these fun florals and lots were asking for a tutorial – so here goes! I saw and bought a piece of scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby months ago when i was working on another project and the print was some faded florals on barnwood and i loved it.  Then i bought some photography backdrops a few months back and it was also the same type of image – and i knew i wanted to recreate it.  While looking at something online maybe about a year ago or so, i had come across someone using napkins to cover a shelf or something and that had always been stored in the back of my brain somewhere – so […]

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Post by Sausha

{How to Glaze Furniture} – Take 2

how to glaze furniture - Sweet Pickins Furniture

One of my most popular posts of all time on this little blog is the one i did on glazing furniture so long ago!  That post can be found here. While i still use that technique sometimes with the stain or paint mixed with a glazing medium, it is no longer my “go to” technique for glazing furniture. About a year ago i discovered a new glaze by Sherwin Williams and i have mostly been using this product ever since.  Its so easy to work with and you can get a rich deep glazed look with it or go very light, just depending on what look you are going for. ………………… 1st – for those that dont know exactly what a glaze does.  Its basically a stain that you wipe on and then wipe off giving your furniture an aged, worn, antiqued look.  Its adds so much depth to a […]

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Post by Sausha

{Work with what the trash man gave ya}


A while back I got this black hutch.  I didn’t really pay too much attention to the condition apparently.  So when someone decided they wanted to buy this cute little hutch, I started to get it ready for paint and it was a mess!! Seriously – this thing had at least 10 different paint colors over the years and someone even at one point decided that they should just paint over stickers that their kids probably stuck on the hutch.  uh huh, they did. So I was going to call my super sweet, most frequent client ever and tell her “no can do on this dresser” – I think it was just too far gone for the look that she was after.  Luckily she changed her mind for another dresser even before I called her – phewww.  I decided to trash the top part and just work with the bottom.  […]

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Post by Sausha

{Another old door turned coffee table}


> I had another old door laying around that wasn’t being used for anything, so since my last door turned coffee table got some sweet comments/emails, I decided to make one to sell. This door was smaller, not quite as wide as mine, but it still made a perfect little table, and I love how it had a dark stain already that I could work with. Before…I just cut off about 32 inches from the end, cut that in half to have about 16 in sides.  Then I decided to leave the old cream paint as is and use that for the under side of the table and the dark stained part I painted a teal color. All chopped up and ready to paint.  I taped off the hinges as well as the spot where the door knob used to be. After, I used my cabinet scrapers to heavily distress […]

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Post by Sausha

{Repurposed Headboard/Footboard}


> I have seen tons of headboards turned benches out there and its been on my to-do list for about a year now.  I finally got around to it and I think it turned out pretty cute :) This is not a detailed tutorial – but you will get the gist.  I think that you just have to play around with it because every headboard/footboard is built different and this can be done all different ways.  Just make it up as you go along – that’s what I ALWAYS do!!! Before…I used the headboard and footboard The headboard wasn’t altered at all – just the footboard.  The footboard was used for the arm rests on my bench.  I could of also used the footboard for under the seat if I wanted a different look – it just would have a closed bottom and no arm rests – both ways would […]

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{before & after} – beach inspired table

beach table 006

> Another quick before & after.  This all wood table had super simple lines and just looked like it needed a beachy makeover :) Before… After…   I painted it bright white and then added some big fat stripes in SW comfort gray.  After all was dry, i took my electric sander to it.   The chairs were also painted the same SW color. I love the worn away look of the paint – i think the white with the blue/green stripes, the heavily distressed paint and the wooden folding chairs give it that beachy look that i was going for.  Ahhh – i just wish i could really be on the beach right now …. :) I cant wait to “beachify” something else soon :)

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{layering paint technique}

hutch and sofa table 011

> I recently refinished a classic pine sofa table for my friend Katie.  She wanted it black, but when the table was distressed she wanted red to show through. Before… After… Since the table wasn’t red to begin with, and the wood was already stained i started off by painting the table red (sorry no pic).  Then, when that was dry, i painted the table black (New Black by Valspar).  I waited for it to dry and then got out some sanding blocks. I used a 220 grit sanding block and then rubbed through the black paint to show the red paint underneath.  In some spots it went down to the natural wood underneath – and that is fine, it just adds more depth :) Then i finished it off in a coat of poly so that you cant see the sanding marks – otherwise on the black paint the […]

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{Distressing with Vaseline and Cabinet Scrapers}

white hutch finished 001

> My very favorite distressing technique with furniture, is the look of chippy paint.  And although i love that look, i didnt exactly know how to go about it.  I have read tons of things online and tried lots of little tricks but nothing really turned out good. I have heard about the vaseline trick before, so i decided to give it a try (they say you can also use candles for this).  Just take a putty knife, or anything really (on some spots i just used my fingers) and put it on parts where i didnt want the paint to stick.  I just put a layer on – nothing perfect – just willy nilly like :) Then, paint as usual.  After the paint was dry, i just took a sanding block and rubbed off where the vaseline was.  I could see where it was at because the spots with […]

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{Sewing table – before & after}

desk and table 023

> Just a quick little before & after to show what can be done with a dated sewing table. This one is solid wood and had cute lines.  It went a creamy white, then heavily distressed with a 60 grit sanding block.  The top was given a sloppy coat of white paint and then scraped and sanded off to look old & wore out.  the handle for the false drawer was made out a rope – adds to that shabby look :) Before After And just because its a sewing table, doesn’t mean that it has to be used for a sewing table.  Would be a cute little entry table to drop your keys, a side table – even a little nightstand.  Lots of uses :)

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{Distressing with an electric sander}

white desk 015

> I LOVE distressed furniture – to me, the more distressed the better.  Especially white/cream distressed pieces with a dark stain underneath that will show through.  That gets my heart pumpin.  Just so happens that i had a cute little antique desk in my stash with simple lines and a dark stain – perfect for some heavy distressin’. I painted the bottom half a creamy white, let it dry and then took my sander to it – very fun and so much easier and faster than sandpaper or a sanding block.  I try and distress this way whenever i can – it doesn’t look good on all furniture, it takes the right one, and this little desk fit the bill :) Sorry, no before pic – what was i thinking – that’s right… i wasn’t thinking – sometimes i just get so excited to paint and it would be soooo […]

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