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{Antique Washstand} – Before & After

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint - Marigold and Light Cream 3

Hey!!  My online shop is now up and going!  I still have a few tweaks to make and i need to go in and edit some descriptions to make things more clear – but you can now order from there.  I would love feedback – so please give!! ……………………………………….. So – i picked up this cute little washstand a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to paint it.  When i posted on Facebook that i was going to paint this piece i got quite the reaction about painting over “good wood”!!  Its so funny the comments i am seeing everywhere these days about that subject – but that’s another post for another day :) This is one of those pieces that is perfect for Sweet Pickins Milk Paint!  I loved the carved detailing of the flowers and the piece was in great shape so it didn’t require any prep work. […]

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Post by Sausha

{Celery Flowers} – before & after

Sweet Pickins Celery Painting

I saw this technique of painting with celery years ago and forgot all about it until the other day when i ran across it somewhere online.  Its super easy and makes the cutest little flowers :) My husband Santi found this antique table a couple weeks ago and i kept thinking that i needed to do something different with the top since its kinda a fun accent table.  Its not large enough to be a dining room table (except for a smaller space of course) but it would be really cute in a playroom, patio or even a little girls room. I figured this would be the perfect piece to try out the flowers. I gave the table a couple coats of Snow White Milk Paint and then distressed the table with an orbital sander for the top and a sanding block for the legs. After getting the table ready […]

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Post by Sausha

{Gun Cabinet turned Shelving} – before & after

Sweet Pickins gun cabinet transformation

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that i found this cute little gun cabinet @ goodwill a couple weeks ago.  I actually saw it then decided against it because im trying not to buy any more projects, but then i couldnt stop thinking about it all night.  It had good potential and it was cheap :) Luckily, when i went back the next morning it was still there… lovely fake etched glass and all :) I knew i wanted to add a couple shelves and add something to the back.  I ended up just going through my scrap bin and using what i had.  I also wanted to add crown molding, get rid of the lower cabinet, update the base molding, and get rid of the glass (i had plans to replace the glass with chicken wire, but i sold it before it was done and she […]

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Post by Sausha

{Milk Paint Dresser} – Before & After

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Milk Paint Dresser

I just got this cute little vintage dresser a few days ago that my dad found.  Its rare that i get a piece that doesnt need a lot of work and i can just get to painting it.  But this was one of the rarities and i got right on it :) The only change i made, was to the hardware.  I just swapped it out with something that still matched the age of the dresser, but with some that i liked better.  I used bondo to fill the old holes. After sanding down the bondo, i gave the dresser a coat of primer.  Normally when using milk paint, you dont have to prime 1st, but i wanted to do a little test and see how it went.  I also needed to cover up all the bondo’d hardware holes – i didnt want those to show up after painting with […]

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Post by Sausha

{Vintage Shutter Cabinet} – Before & After

Sweet Pickins - Milk Paint Cabinet

I picked up this cute little vintage shutter cabinet a few weeks ago and knew as soon as i saw it just how it should look when finished.  When i see old shutters, i always think chippy vintage green – one of my favorite colors and looks :) To get the chippy, weathered finish that i wanted for this piece – i knew right away that i would use milk paint.  As much as i love my paint sprayer, its nice to paint with a brush now and then and i love the look that milk paint gives.  Its very unpredictable though – on this piece i had crackling, flaking off and some spots where it adhered really well, you just never know! The beauty of milk paint is that there is no prep work at all.  You dont need to pre sand because you will be doing all the […]

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Post by Sausha

{Before & After} – Milk Paint Roll Top

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sea Green Milk Paint

A few weeks ago, i scheduled a much needed week of no custom orders.  In some ways i love customs, but it does limit me as far as trying out new paints, techniques, products, etc.  Sometimes i just have to be free of deadlines and trying to give people exactly what they envision so i can do my own thing and play around a little :) Ive used milk paint in the past and really like it (i posted a cute sofa table here, its actually the same color that i used on this desk).  Im not a fan of chalk paint, but i love milk paint.  Its very unpredictable and hopefully it gives me the chippy look that i love so much.  I will do a post another day about my thoughts about milk paint vs chalk paint. Anyways – i got this solid wood heavy duty roll top […]

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Post by Sausha

{Layering Paint Technique} – using spackling paste


So – about 3 years ago i seen this most awesome piece of furniture at a local boutique here in Utah.  I took pics at the time, but ive switched phones a couple times since then and the pics are gone.  It had the most awesome painting technique done too it.  It looked like layers and layers of old paint, but it wasnt.  You could tell that the paint had been layered on using some type of product with some kind of tool – the finish was really textured and had tons of colors in it.  And what i loved about the finish, was that it had lots of “lines” in the paint, it wasnt just painted on and then sanded off, the “lines” really made the piece look awesome. So you got that visual in your head!?!  I know, i know….i would love to be able to find a […]

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Post by Sausha

{Before & After} – Ultra Distressed Bench

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Sherwin Williams Dill

My dad found me this sweet little bench a couple weeks ago.  It was one of those that i loved right away and couldnt wait to get it painted.  I loved the lines of the bench and that the paint was already really flaky – flaky finishes are perfect for getting an ultra chippy, distressed, weathered look. I gave it a good sanding with my orbital sander to get all the loose paint off.  Then, i skipped the primer since the bench already had a lot of texture and i knew that my paint wood stick.  Plus i was going for a highly distressed, chippy paint look anyways – so i didnt need the primer. After giving it one heavy coat of paint, i let it dry and then took my orbital sander to it to give it a heavily distressed finish – my favorite finish of all :) After […]

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Post by Sausha

{Before & After} – Antique Bed

Sweet Pickins Furniture Antique Bed

I finished up this antique wrap around bed a couple days ago and think it turned out so cute!  I would love to have this is in my little girls room, but sadly her bed is a queen and this one is a full. I think its the sweetest bed and would be perfect in a room filled with white furniture and white ruffly bedding filled with vintage pillows – wouldnt it be fun to paint a room full of furniture, add in bedding and decor and then sell it as a whole set…. :) …………………………….. Anyways, i got this bed a few years ago and worked on it at one point but then got busy with other projects and never finished it up. I finally painted it about a year ago with plans to get it finished, but once again got busy with other painting projects and it sat […]

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Post by Sausha

{Antique Hutch} – super distressed!

1-furniture 005

Oh guys  – if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that i am in deep, deep mourning over my beloved super distressed antique hutch!  Seriously – im really sad over this! You see, i had this piece in my house for about 7-8 months or so but i found another piece i liked better for the place i had it in and i just couldnt find another place in my whole entire house to put my blue hutch! After my “Great Clean Out of 2013” – i moved this piece downstairs to the furniture graveyard and thats where its been waiting until i could find somewhere else for it.  Sadly…there was nowhere.  So it went up for sale @ Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks (where i am one of the contributors and have been listing my furniture for sale) and sold within minutes and i had a line […]

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Post by Sausha