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My Craft Room!


Finally!  I am here to post some pics of my craft room!  This room has actually been done for a while now, but i just could never clean it out long enough to get some pics!  For some reason, this room is the catch all for everything in our house that is waiting for a home – so it always seems to be piled up with junk. But – this is my most favorite room in the house.  I love everything about it.  I think its because its really just a hodge podge of junk, and i love it!  Everything in it – from my chunky reclaimed wood table, my crisp and clean white shelves, all the wire baskets filled with who knows what, piles of fabric, old doors, overflow of decorations and my silver chandelier, all the stuff that makes me happy.  Its a small space, but i love […]

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Post by Sausha

{DIY Lintel Molding} – so easy!!


For the entrance into our “casino” room, we wanted the molding to be a little more grand.  We added the lights to each side of the door, but still needed something more to make that entrance a little more special.  I’ve always wanted to add molding to the doorways upstairs, so this was the perfect opportunity to give it a try. We love the way it turned out and it was so, so easy.  It seriously only took about 20 minutes per side + painting time. …………………… Luckily, all of the moldings in our house are the flat 1×6’s, so that makes it easier for so many of the projects that we do such as adding bead board to a room, or the board and batten treatments, and now this style of door molding.  If you do have the decorative molding, just google image search “lintel molding” and you will see […]

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Post by Sausha

{Basement Bathroom Progress} – Update


Our downstairs bathroom has come a long way.  From just being an empty room a couple months ago and now we can call it done! (well, almost, there are still a couple small things to do)  Of course there is still the funnest part – the decorating, but that will come soon.  We have been working so hard in the basement the last few months and i really haven’t felt inspired as far as decorating goes, but now that we have slowed down and i have time to breathe, it will come soon. ……………… In our basement, we used french doors going into every room, including the bathroom (a smaller size than normal).  I understand that we put glass doors on a bathroom….they will be getting curtains soon, but i need to decide on a fabric.  The doors were painted bright white, the same white used on the walls and […]

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Post by Sausha

{Basement Progress #2}


(pic taken standing @ bar looking towards future family room) We have been making lots of progress in the basement – it has been TONS of work!!!  Our house is a 4900 sq ft rambler, so half of that is basement!  Thats a lot of space to work on @ once! We have finished up most of the big projects, we just have the face and sides of the bar to build and then the fireplace and built-ins @ the end of the room where the ladders are.  We want to get all this done before we start buying furniture – so i cant wait to get started! We did a board and batten treatment in most areas of the basement and i love how light and bright it makes everything – plus half our basement is daylight since we dug out our backyard, so we have lots of natural […]

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Post by Sausha

{How to easily customize builder cabinets}


We have pretty much wrapped up the bathroom finishing, so now we are focusing on the basement kitchen/bar. Before we started on this process, we had a couple bids for custom cabinets.  Super pricey for just the 6 cabinets that we needed.  We did a little measuring and it turned out that all of our cabinets were actually stock cabinets and we could easily purchase them @ home depot or lowes (we ended up going with home depot).  I did have to paint the cabinets to get the color that i wanted, but it was worth it to save the $1000.  I will work on a post to show the before/after of the cabinets. There are of course lots of ways to easily customize builder cabinets and one of the easiest is to add molding.  In this case, we decided to add base molding instead of a traditional toe kick. […]

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Post by Sausha

{Antique Dresser turned Bathroom Vanity} – and bathroom sneak peak!!


The last month has been pure craziness around here!!  We have been working non stop in the basement, just trying to get everything done.  Lots of late nights and early mornings.  The kids have been totally neglected and the rest of the house has gone to hell.  I am just ready for all the building and painting to be done so i can get to the fun stuff – furniture and decorating!! ……………………… We have gotten the bathroom about 95% done.  There is still a little trim work, some caulking and a little painting to be finished up and then we can call this bathroom done. Ive had a vision for this bathroom since we moved in almost 6 years ago, and although we made a few changes to our original plans, it turned out exactly how i wanted it too. Something i knew that i wanted in there right […]

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{Decisions, Decisions} – counter top choices


We are in the homestretch of finishing up our basement bar/kitchen.  Yeah!! I have to pick a counter top for the bar downstairs and this is hard work!  Whatever i choose will set the tone for the bar and it needs to be right.  This is life changing people!  K – maybe i exaggerate a teensy bit, but it really will define how the bar feels!  The bar is big – 11ft long, so it will def be out there and be seen!  Plus the fact that whatever counter i choose will be lots of moola (im gonna throw up now) – it has to be the right the 1st time, there is no changing this down the road. (we decided to raise up the black cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling, another project to add to the list!) And just FYI – the stone that we are putting in is […]

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Post by Sausha

{Basement Progress}


1st of all – thank you so much to everyone for all the sweet emails on comments on my post about moving my shop back home!  Im mostly settled in and am loving working from home.  As soon as i get everything completely set up, i will do a post on my new shop area. …………………. When i did my “Ask Me Anything” post i received one or two questions about the basement progress and a few emails about how its going – so i decided to write up a quick post to show some progress pics. We haven’t actually worked in the basement at all this summer, a little here and there, but nothing much was accomplished.  But all of a sudden we are in full swing trying to get everything done!  Rooms we didn’t plan on getting done for a few years are almost done and or will be in the next […]

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Post by Sausha

{Easy DIY Faux Beams}

> A few days ago I posted about our next big project, the basement.  Last weekend we were able to get a little DIY’n in and it made a HUGE difference!!! I have always loved the look of beams and knew that we had to get them in this house somewhere – so, why not the basement? It was the perfect space to put them in, especially since we decided to leave half the basement as one big open space – the beams really help break it up and I love the character that it adds. And, the best part?  These beams were super cheap and SO EASY!!  And, the entire project took about 3 hours – sweetness. K – I did some research on beams and thought maybe we should do the faux Styrofoam ones – way pricey.  then I was going to make a hollow box with mitered […]

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{The basement}


> Im back!!  Filming my house for the Nate Show was hard work!!  Making every room stay clean for a day was tough!!  But – the actual filming and seeing yourself on camera is even tougher – way harder than I thought!!  And thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and emails – still trying to get back to everyone :) Anyways – during all the last couple weeks of craziness, we got to work on our basement, again.  We have worked on our basement here and there, and have got the basics done – but we have a ton of work left to do. A couple of years ago we started the basement.  We hired out the framing and drywall, but we have done the electrical, the plumbing and the floors – and we will do all the rest.  I don’t have any “before before” pics that I can […]

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