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New FB group and some new listings

I just wanted to drop in real quick and let you guys know about this awesome FB book group that i was asked to be a part of about a month ago.  The group is called Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks.  Its a smaller group of about 15 girls and a couple dudes thrown in that are all in Utah.

Sweet Pickins Furniture

The FB page is basically an online boutique that only the members are able to post items for sale, but anyone can “like” the page and purchase items (remember though, that everyone listing items for sale are in Utah and not everyone ships).

Even if you arent interested in purchasing any of the items, its a great place to go for more furniture inspiration :)  Click here to like the page.

The Reclaimologists are hosting a boutique next weekend – it will be filled with tons of local crafters and you will be able to find tons of fun stuff from furniture, home decor, vintage goodies and lots of upcycled stuff!    So if you are in Utah, then you should def try and make it out :)  Unfortunately i wont be able to make the boutique this time, but i am planning for the fall one.

Sweet Pickins Furniture

Also – the Reclaimologists group has started a blog, each of us takes a turn at posting so there is a good variety of info – go here to follow along.


And lastly, i listed a couple new furniture pieces today – go to my FB page for more info.  They will be listed on my shop page this weekend.

Sweet Pickins Furniture

Go here for more info

Sweet Pickins Furniture

Go here for more info – sorry that pic is so fuzzy?!


I will be back with the before and afters of those pieces soon!


2 Responses to New FB group and some new listings

  1. Audrey April 20, 2013 at 11:33 pm #

    It has been so great to have you in the group-Hey I like the yellow/brown cofee table ;)

  2. Tori Lexington May 30, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    I love your furniture I just liked you on FB. Your furniture reminds me of the furniture found on http://4-chairs.com/. I love shopping at Four Chairs Furniture and now I have another store to shop at and that’s yours!

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